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Table 1 Patient demographics

From: “It’s so hard taking pills when you don’t know what they’re for”: a qualitative study of patients’ medicine taking behaviours and conceptualisation of medicines in the context of rheumatoid arthritis

Code Age
Gender Diagnosesa Home language Education level Employment status
P1 54 F RA isiZulu Grade 10 Fruit & Veg packer
P2 69 F RA, DM, HT isiXhosa Grade 4 Unemployed
P3 73 F RA, HT Sesotho Grade 6 Pensioner
P4 40 F RA Setswana Tertiary Unemployed
P5 57 F RA, HT, Ch English Grade 12 Unemployed
P6 66 F RA, DM, HT Setswana Grade 9 Pensioner
P7 44 F RA, HT isiZulu Grade 12 Unemployed
P8 64 F RA isiZulu Grade 8 Pensioner
P9 23 F RA Sesotho Grade 12 Waitress
P10 60 F RA, HT Xitsonga Grade 8 Unemployed
P11 27 F RA isiXhosa Tertiary Admin clerk
P12 76 F RA, HT Setswana Grade 10 Pensioner
P13 59 F RA, HT Setswana Grade 10 Unemployed
P14 46 F RA Sesotho Grade 12 Unemployed
P15 57 F RA, DM, HT, Ch Sesotho Grade 10 Unemployed
P16 59 F RA, EP, HT, Allergy Setswana Grade 8 Pensioner
P17 49 F RA, HIV Sepedi Grade 11 Unemployed
P18 48 F RA English Grade 11 Labeller
  1. a HT Hypertension, DM Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, EP Epilepsy, Ch Hyperlipidaemia, HIV human immunodeficiency virus infection