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Table 2 Summary of the challenges, causes and solutions to the challenges of health care waste management

From: Perspectives of policy-makers and stakeholders about health care waste management in community-based care in South Africa: a qualitative study

Sources of the problems Problems Causes of the problems Solution provided to the problems
The community level 1. Lack of segregation of health care waste oLack of knowledge about segregation of health care waste.
oLaziness to take out health care waste on the day of collection
oNegative attitudes about waste management.
oIrregular collection of health care waste by waste
oLack of sufficient garbage bags.
oLack of participation of community members regarding waste management programmes.
oThe presence of back rooms.
oLong distance between the waste storage facilities and homes in the informal settlements.
oSlow change in the rural areas
oCollaboration of providing education about waste management in general
oLiaising with government for adequate resources
2. Illegal dumping
The municipality level 1. Corrupt tender processes
2. Inadequate funding for the waste management in general