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Table 3 AIRE instrument categories and items per category [27]

From: In search of quality indicators for Down syndrome healthcare: a scoping review

Categories Items
1) Aim, relevance and organisational context - Aim is clearly defined,
- Topic relevance is specified,
- Organisational configuration (level) is specified,
- Quality domain is specified,
- Type and size of care process the indicator set applies to is defined.
2) Involvement of stakeholders - Relevant healthcare professionals are involved in developing the set,
- Relevant other are involved,
- The indicator set is formally established (or owned), e.g. by a patient or professional association.
3) Scientific evidence - Underpinning evidence for the set is systematically searched,
- The set is based on a guideline,
- The Used evidence is qualitatively good.
4) Further underpinning, formulation and use - Denominator and numerator are clearly described,
- Target population is specifically and clearly defined,
- A risk adjustment strategy (for different patient groups) is present,
- Validity of the set is proven or argued,
- Reliability of the set is proven or argued,
- Power of the set is proven or argued,
- The set is tested in practice,
- The effort needed for data collection is taken into account,
- The set includes an instruction for interpretation of the results.