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Table 2 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: In search of quality indicators for Down syndrome healthcare: a scoping review

Inclusion criteria:
• Studies concerning the development, implementation, application or evaluation of (structure, process or outcome) indicators for measuring quality of (chronic) medical healthcare for people with Down syndrome or intellectual disabilities as the main topic
• Studies where specific quality indicators are well-defined including the population they apply to
• All kinds of scientific publications: journal articles, theses, books, etc.
Exclusion criteria:
• Studies where quality indicators itself are not the main topic
• Studies not concerning medical care, but other forms of care (e.g. residential care)
• Studies concerning general aspects of quality indicators (specific indicators are not well-defined)
• Studies concerning quality indicators of general healthcare (specific population is not described)
• Studies primarily focusing on the development of a tool, instrument or questionnaire without the purpose of being an indicator for measuring quality of healthcare
• Studies concerning prenatal or new-born screening/care
• No abstract/full text available
• Written in a language that no one in the research team masters (i.e. not English, Dutch, French, German)