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Table 1 Status of study clinics’ PC-MHI program implementation at baseline (August 2009)

From: Using implementation facilitation to foster clinical practice quality and adherence to evidence in challenged settings: a qualitative study

Site Clinic Size
(# of unique patients)
Staff Identified for PC-MHI Policy-compliant PC-MHI Program?
Implementation Facilitation (Intervention) Sites
 Network A
  Site A1—VAMC 5632 MSW,a psychiatrista No
  Site A2—CBOC 9224 MSWb No
  Site A3—CBOC 4025 MSWb No
  Site A4—CBOC 5654 MSWb No
 Network C
  Site C1—VAMC 34,805 MSWb No
  Site C2—CBOC 14,763 MSW,c RNc No
  Site C3—CBOC 8125 newly hired MSWa No
  Site C4—CBOC 4715 Nod No
Comparison Sites
 Network B
  Site B1—VAMC 7454 Nod No
  Site B2—CBOC 11,308 Nod No
  Site B3—CBOC 5944 Nod No
  Site B4—CBOC 7527 Nod No
 Network D
  Site D1—VAMC 35,000 RN,e 2 newly hired psychiatristsf No
  Site D2—CBOC 13,600 Nod No
  Site D3—CBOC 8463 Nod No
  Site D4—CBOC 4527 Nod No
  1. VAMC VA Medical Center, CBOC community-based outpatient clinic
  2. aPersonnel identified to fill PC-MHI position but not yet serving in that capacity
  3. bIdentified PC-MHI personnel co-located in primary care, providing specialty mental health care services
  4. cIdentified PC-MHI personnel co-located in primary care, conducting mental health assessments
  5. dNot applicable, personnel have not yet been identified or hired for PC-MHI
  6. eIdentified PC-MHI personnel co-located in primary care, conducting triage and referral services
  7. fNewly hired PC-MHI personnel co-located in primary care; not yet providing services