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Table 1 Presentation of digital/E-services and functionalities in each TSN project area – EvaTSN project, France

From: Protocole of a controlled before-after evaluation of a national health information technology-based program to improve healthcare coordination and access to information

Type of E Health Services E Health-services functionalities AQT BGN IF LR RHA
Organisation of healthcare coordinationa - Platform for service coordination
- Digital coordination service
- Call center for informal caregivers     
E-services for users/patients - Diffusion service of general healthcare information
- Medical information management services
- Administrative information management services
- Community of connected patients      
E-services for professionals - General health information service
- Professionals' patient medical information management
- Administrative information management services
- Community of connected professionals    
Administrative and monitoring services for policy makers - Administrative monitoring
- Epidemiological monitoring    
- eHealth innovation promotion
- Interoperability management
  1. abetween healthcare producers and between health care producers and patients, AQT aquitaine, BGN Bourgogne, IF Ile-deFrance, LR La Réunion, RHA Rhône-Alpes