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Table 1 Interview guide

From: Government supervision on quality of smoking-cessation counselling in midwifery practices: a qualitative exploration

Smoking-cessation counselling
1. How do you provide smoking-cessation counselling to pregnant smokers? What did you change in care to pregnant smokers last years? Which support can you turn to?
2. What did your colleagues change in care provided to pregnant smokers?
3. Which support did you receive in the care for pregnant smokers? Is this changed last years?
4. What did you hear about the supervision programme on midwife practices with respect to smoking-cessation counselling? How have you obtained this information?
5. Why conducted the inspectorate this supervision programme according to you?
6. Have you read the supervision report or the publication in the journal of your professional organisation?
7. To what extent was this publication recognisable to you?
What changed as a result of inspection?
8. To what extent did the inspectorate contribute to this change?
- Were these changes affected by other actors?
9. To what extent did the inspectorate contribute to the change of your colleagues?
Why did you change the way you work?
10. Which aspects contributed to compliance to instructions from the inspectorate?
Conceptual model: autonomy, workload, way of inspection, motivation, field standards, transparency, trust, (in)dependence of the inspectorate, expectations and relationship with the inspectorate
Change in inspection
11. If you should perform the supervision, how would do it? How would be the impact of the supervision on your work be the largest?