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Table 1 Case definitions used in this study, Bhopal, India (2014) [19]

From: High pre-diagnosis attrition among patients with presumptive MDR-TB: an operational research from Bhopal district, India

New case – A patient with TB who has never had treatment for TB or has taken anti-TB drugs for less than one month
Previously treated patients (received one month or more of anti-TB drugs in the past)
   Recurrent TB – A patient with TB previously treated and declared as successfully treated (cured/treatment completed) and is subsequently found to be microbiologically confirmed TB case
   Treatment after failure – Previously treated and whose treatment failed at the end of their most recent course of treatment
   Treatment after loss to follow up – A previously treated patient and was declared loss to follow up in their most recent course of treatment and subsequently found microbiologically confirmed TB case
   Others – A previously treated patient with TB but whose outcome after their most recent course of treatment is unknown or undocumented. (This subgroup mostly refers to previously treated patients who are smear negative)
Follow-up smear-positives (FUS+) – A patient with TB whose follow up sputum is positive during any of the routine follow up
HIV associated with TB/HIV-TB co-infected cases – A patient with TB who is a previous known case of HIV or gets diagnosed as HIV during diagnosis of TB or anytime during TB treatment