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Table 6 Aspects rated very important by the majority of patients and the corresponding patient experience assessment scores

From: Informing primary care reform in Greece: patient expectations and experiences (the QUALICOPC study)

Top 11 values % Who ranked as “very important” % Positive patient experience rating
The doctor listens attentively 68.8 92.5
I understand clearly what the doctor explains 67.1 88.4
The doctor gives me instructions on what to do when things go wrong 64.7 -
The doctor is polite 63.9 94.8
The doctor does not give me the feeling to be under time pressure 59.4 83.4
The doctor knows important information about my medical history and health issues 57.9 80.4
The practice is close to where I live or work 57.8 81.5
The doctor treats me as a person and not as a medical problem 57.8 -
I feel able to cope better with my health problem after the visit 57.1 86.3
The doctor understand me 56.7 -
That the doctor takes me seriously 54.7 -