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Table 2 The result of the confirmatory factor analysis

From: Relationships between structure, process and outcome to assess quality of integrated chronic disease management in a rural South African setting: applying a structural equation model

Constructs Variables Loading Standard error
  Availability of equipment (S1) 0.462a 0.038
  Supply of critical medicines (S2) 0.994a 0.012
  Accessibility of services (S4) 0.383a 0.041
  Attendance to patients’ needs (P2) 0.664a 0.035
  Professionalism (P3) 0.758a 0.032
  Friendliness (P4) 0.669a 0.035
  Defaulter tracing (P7) 0.200 0.056
  Prepacking of drugs (P9) 0.268 0.055
  Time spent with nurses (P12) 0.074 0.056
  Appointment system (P14) 0.163 0.053
  Coherence (O1) 0.310a 0.057
  Competence (O3) 0.485a 0.053
  Waiting time (O4) 0.229 0.058
  Confidence (O5) 0.651a 0.054
  1. aVariables with factor loading ≥ 0.300