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Fig. 4

From: Relationships between structure, process and outcome to assess quality of integrated chronic disease management in a rural South African setting: applying a structural equation model

Fig. 4

Goodness-of-fit, reliability and correlation assessment of the relationships between structure, process and outcome. *Relationships between the constructs represented by the Pearson correlation values. NB: The dimensions in red colour are the priority areas in the ICDM model. RMSEA - Root Mean Squared Error of Approximation (≤0.06 is a good fit). CFI - Comparative Fit Index (CFI ≥ 0.90 is a good fit). TLI - Tucker-Lewis Index (TLI ≥ 0.90 is a good fit). CD - Coefficient of determination (range 0–1. There is a perfect fit of the data with the model if CD = 1). Cronbach’s alpha coefficient of reliability (≥0.6 is acceptable)

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