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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Transitions from biomedical to recovery-oriented practices in mental health: a scoping review to explore the role of Internet-based interventions

Inclusion criteria: Exclusion criteria:
Target group
 Individuals with long term mental health problems
 Individuals > 18 years old
Individuals with substance abuse problems only
 Internet based; web-pages and applications for computers, smart phones and tablets Solely phone calls, text messaging, voice response or videoconference
 Part of ongoing treatment and care Stand-alone interventions
 Support for recovery-oriented practices as described by the interventions’ aims and components Solely support for
• self-guidance
• monitoring
• managing care
Study design
 All study designs, including development reports Editorials/comments, reviews
Type of publication
 Published in peer-reviewed journals Gray literature
 English or Scandinavian Non-English and non-Scandinavian