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Table 2 Characteristics and methodological quality score of the publications included in the review

From: Mobile radiography services in nursing homes: a systematic review of residents’ and societal outcomes

Author and year Aim/objective Design Methods Scope and type of data Respondents Area and nationality MMAT/CASP gradea
Eklund 2011 [25] Investigate the usefulness of a mobile radiography service for radiological assessment of patients in nursing homes from the patient and staff perspectives Prospective, descriptive, quantitative study • Questionnaire for nurses and residents
• Registration form for image quality
Telephone survey of outcome and treatment
123 nursing homes residents Registered nurses at 25 nursing homes
62 residents
Lund, Sweden ****
Forat Sadry 2010 [22] Investigate satisfaction with mobile services among referring physicians and nursing home staff Prospective, descriptive, quantitative study Questionnaire 318 nursing home residents using the mobile radiography service in 2007 Referring physicians and nursing home staff BaselStadt, Baselland and Genf, Switzerland *
Lærum 2005 [23] Consequences for residents transferred to hospital for examination and treatment Prospective, descriptive assessment Questionnaire 714 nursing home residents Nursing home staff at six nursing homes Oslo, Norway ****
Lærum, Sager, Oswold 2005 [20] Investigate feasibility of mobile services for residents, referring physicians and the nursing homes compared to outpatient services Prospective, descriptive, quantitative study Questionnaire 197 nursing home residents Nursing home staff at 31 nursing homes Oslo, Norway ***
Montalto 2015 [21] Measure the impact of the mobile x-ray service on emergency department attendances by residents of residential aged care facilities who require plain X-ray services Retrospective before-and-after cohort Registry data analysis Residents of 30 nursing homes frequently using the mobile x-ray service n/a Melbourne, Australia ****
Richauda 2011 [27] Explore the quality of imaging and clinical outcomes of using mobile, light-weight x-ray equipment to provide radiologic examinations to frail elderly patients at home Randomized controlled trail (RCT) a) Confusion Assessment Method
b) Delirium Rating Scale
European Guidelines on Quality Criteria
69 immobilized or chair bound patients, acutely ill at intermediate or high risk of delirium in need of a radiological examination 7 radiologists Torino, Italy ****
Thingnes & Stalsberg 2010 [26] Explore aspects that nurses, nurse assistants and radiographers perceive important when implementing mobile radiography services to nursing homes Qualitative Focus group interviews Health care personnel from one nursing home and one hospital Radiographers, nurses and nurse assistants Norway ***
Dozet 2015 [29] (abstract) The aim of this study was to investigate whether mobile radiography was more cost-effective from a societal perspective, compared to hospital based radiological examinations. Cost-effectiveness analysis Prospective cost-minimization analysis X-ray examinations in nursing homes (315 residents) compared to outpatient examinations (77 residents) n/a Lund, Sweden *
Price Waterhouse Coopers 2006 [28] Socio-economic cost-benefit analysis of shifting to mobile radiological services Socio-economic cost-benefit evaluation Literature review, interviews and valuing monetized effects Registry data, reports and pilot project Key personnel Seven cities or areas of Norway ****
Randers 2005 [24] Estimate socio-economic costs comparing two different ways of performing x-ray examinations of nursing home residents Socio-economic cost evaluation Costs analysis Resources used and related cost statistics for mobile and stationary services n/a Norway ***
  1. aIn MMAT, papers are graded from 25% (one criteria met = *) to 100% (all criteria met = ****) [16]. In the CASP economic evaluation checklist, section B “How were costs and consequences assessed and compared?” publications were graded from 25% (1–2 criteria met = *) to 100% (all criteria met = ****)