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Table 3 Scales and items from the TCU Workshop Evaluation Form (WEVAL)

From: A structural model of treatment program and individual counselor leadership in innovation transfer

  N Mean (SD)
Acceptability (8 items; α = .68) 68 42.0 (3.0)
 • You are satisfied with the materials in the TRIP curriculum.   
 • TRIP seems cumbersome and difficult to use.®
 • TRIP materials seem easy to use.
 • There are too many steps involved in TRIP.®
Appropriateness (7 items; α = .79) 68 42.3 (4.4)
 • TRIP is relevant to the needs of your clients.   
 • TRIP fits with your counseling style.
 • You already use materials similar to TRIP and see no reason to change.®
 • Your program has used similar materials in the past with little success.®
 • TRIP can be useful for addressing client motivation.
 • TRIP can be useful for addressing client participation.
 • TRIP can be useful for addressing client decision making.
Adoption Expectation (1 item) 68 45.3 (6.3)
 • You expect the things you learned in this workshop will be used in your program within the next month or so.   
Preparation Adequacy (5 items; α = .71) 68 42.3 (4.2)
 • You are comfortable using TRIP materials with your clients.   
 • You feel properly prepared to use TRIP.
 • You feel able to train others to conduct TRIP.
 • Staff at your program will want to start their own TRIP groups when they see the materials.
 • You will encourage clients to attend TRIP groups once they are offered.   
Leadership Engagement (5 items; α = .71) 68 38.6 (5.1)
 • Your program leaders encourage staff to conduct TRIP groups.   
 • Leadership at your program provides resources for innovations, like TRIP.
 • Your program leadership places adoption of TRIP as a priority.
 • Leadership within your agency encourages staff to use TRIP materials within their regular sessions.
 • Leadership within your agency recognizes staff that use new approaches, such as TRIP.
  1. ® Item reversed scored