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Table 1 Study participants

From: Using a multimethod approach to develop implementation strategies for a cervical self-sampling program in Kenya

Location Demographics
Urban Participants—Total of 30 (21 women and 9 men)
 City of Nairobi in Nairobi County 9 Project Management Team members: Action Africa Help International employees (2 women and 2 men); non-Kenyan researchers (1 woman and 2 men); a Kenyan consultant/translator (1 woman), and a Grand Challenges Canada representative (1 woman)
 City of Nairobi in Nairobi County 13 Local Decision Influencing Participants: Ministry of Health leaders (3 women, 1 man); public health laboratory leaders (2 men); private laboratory leader (1 man); county health services leader (1 women); university professor (1 woman); NGO leader (1 man); practicing gynaecologists (3 women)
 City of Nairobi in Nairobi County 8 subject matter experts: all professional middle-aged women such as: clinicians (3), pharmacists (2), administrators (3)
Rural Participants—Total of 97 (94 women and 3 men)
 Ndumago Community Unit, Kiambu County 11 female Community Health Volunteers (CHV’s) and 3 male CHV’s
 Ole Sere Village, Narok County 20 village women
 Sekenani Village, Narok County 12 village women
 Tala Village, Machakos County 47 village women
 City of Thika, Kiambu County 3 female CHV’s and 1 female health system administrator