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Table 6 Summary of the analysis of Benchmark study using patient registry data

From: Benchmarking specialty hospitals, a scoping review on theory and practice

Author Study design Benchmarking model and/or steps Indicators Outcome Impact (improvements/improvement suggestions) Success factors
Greene [38] Development of a cancer committee; review of the NCDB reports from the Electronic Quality Improvement
Packet (e-QUIP) and CP3R ensuring all network facilities are in compliance with specific outcome benchmarks.
N.A. Outcome indicators In addition to a role in benchmarking, registry data may be used to assist in establishing new research protocols and in determining market share by the hospital administration. The registry identified several issues which included the lack of physician office contact information, and time lapse for treatment completion. Two potential issues were identified. With instruction for the pathologists and surgeons regarding these issues, this rate is expected to improve. N.A.
  1. N.A. not applicable