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Table 3 Standardized measures used to assess consumer-defined need for substance use services (n = 217)

From: The role of consumer perspectives in estimating population need for substance use services: a scoping review

Variable Instrument Cited in
Perceived need Texas Christian Universitys Self-Rating Psychosocial Functioning and Motivational Scales [78] [79]
Stages of Change Readiness and Treatment Eagerness Scale- Version 8 Combined [80] [80]
Revised Risk Behaviour Assessment [81] [82]
Perceived Need for Care Questionnaire [30] [36, 83, 84]
National Technical Centre (NTC) Telephone Substance Dependence Needs Assessment Questionnaire [85] [86]
Self-help and Treatment Services Utilization Survey [87] [88]
Camberwell Assessment of Need - Forensic Short Version [89] [90, 91]
University of Miami Health Services Research Instrument [92] [92]
Self-assessed barriers to service use Affordability barriers scale [93] [9496]
Allen Barriers to Treatment Instrument [97] [98]
Barriers Questionnaire [99] [100]
Barriers to Treatment Instrument [101] [102]
Barriers to Treatment Inventory [103] [104]
University of Miami Health Services Research Instrument [92] [92]
Help-seeking from family and/or friends Mental and Physical Health Questionnaire [105] [105]
Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test [106] [107]
  1. In some cases, one or more measures, but not all measures included in the standardized instrument where used to measure consumer-defined need. One article measuring perceived need did not specify the name of the standardized instrument used