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Table 2 Delivery service input quality items not fulfilled in at least 75% of the health facilities, Northern Ethiopia

From: Quality of the delivery services in health facilities in Northern Ethiopia

Input quality items Number of facilities Percent of facilities
Laboratory service available and functional 23 71.9
The facility has running water 21 65.6
The facility has reliable electric power 21 65.6
Refrigerator available and functional 21 65.6
Personal protective items available 20 62.5
Emergency antibiotics available 20 62.5
Transport service available and functional 19 59.4
All service providers in the delivery room trained to manage obstetric emergency 18 56.3
Episiotomy set available 17 53.1
Service provider prepared to handle delivery at the facility any time (available at the facility, dressed and prepared material for delivery) 17 53.1
Midwifery number standard per national guideline (3 in HC and 13 in hospital) 16 50
The facility has three or more rooms for maternity related services 13 40.6
Radiant warmer available and functional 12 37.5
Functional toilet and shower available in maternity service area 11 34.4
Antiseptic solution available 5 15.6
At least two cloth/towel to dry or warp baby after birth available 5 15.6
The facility has a working phone or shortwave radio 4 12.5
All service providers in delivery room trained to do newborn resuscitation 4 12.5