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Table 1 Categories of service use

From: Service use of older people who participate in primary care health promotion: a latent class analysis

Category Service use included
Secondary care Admittance to hospital, outpatients appointments or Accident and Emergency use
Primary care GP or nurse consultations either at the practice, over the phone or at home
Community health care Physiotherapist, osteopath, chiropractor, optician, dentist, podiatrist, audiologist, counsellor or smoking cessation service use
Paid care Paid washing, cooking, meals or home help
Unpaid care Unpaid washing, cooking or home help
Leisure activities Library, sports activities, University of the Third Age, faith participation or education classes
General local authority services Contacting the council about roads, refuse, housing, the environment, crime or carer services; using community or local authority transport, lunch clubs, day centres or community centre; contacting the Citizen’s Advice Bureau