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Table 3 GPs’ and dentists’ expectations and experiences of collaboration (summary)

From: GPs’ and dentists’ experiences and expectations of interprofessional collaboration: findings from a qualitative study in Germany

Dentists’ expectations of collaboration with GPs Dentists’ experiences of collaboration with GPs
GPs should … GPs …
•… know their patients’ health status, treatment and medication and be able and willing to pass this information
•… have basic dental knowledge and be informed about interactions between systemic diseases and oral health
•… be able to diagnose common oral diseases
•… be informed about medication and its side effects for oral health
•… inspect the oral cavity of their patients as part of their routine
•… be interested in establishing good cooperation with dentists
•… have sympathy for dentists’ queries and be easily accessible
•… are mostly experienced as competent and taking good care of their patients
•… strive to diagnose illnesses early
•… surveil diabetes, etc. rigorously
•… mostly lack basic dental knowledge and oral health awareness
•…mostly are not informed about interactions between systemic diseases and oral health
•… mostly do not inspect the oral cavity as part of routine examinations
•…do not inform their patients sufficiently about their medication side effects on dentistry/oral health (including anticoagulation)
•… are not sufficiently committed to patients living in nursing homes
•… are not sufficiently committed to collaboration with dentists
GPs’ expectations of collaboration with dentists GPs’ experiences of collaboration with dentists
Dentists should… Dentists …
•… not necessarily be able to diagnose general or systemic diseases
•… stick to the treatment of oral diseases as all others are treated by GPs
•… treat oral diseases/teeth competently
•… be well-versed with medication, particularly bisphosphonates and anticoagulants.
•… check with GPs with regard to their patients’ medication before dental treatment and not intervene in medication
•… according to a single opinion, report dental treatment to GP
•… have limited general medical knowledge
•… treat their patients competently
•… are not well informed about medication and do not know guidelines on anticoagulant therapy
•… mostly do not check with GPs with regard to medication before dental treatment and intervene in medication
•… examine patients and informing GPs about dental treatment upon request
•… are willing to collaborate with GPs