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Table 1 The 18-item questionnaire for attitudes toward depression and its treatments

From: Usefulness of an educational lecture focusing on improvement in public awareness of and attitudes toward depression and its treatments

うつ病についてどう思いますか Attitudes toward Depression
1. 恐い病気である 1. Fear : Depression is fearful disease
2. うつ病についてあまり知らない 2. Lack of knowledge : I do not have enough knowledge of depression
3. 性格的に弱い人がうつ病になる 3. Weakness : Weak people suffer from depression
4. 自分がうつ病になったら恥ずかしい 4. Shame : Suffering from depression is shameful
5. うつ病になると周りに迷惑を掛ける 5. Burden to others : Suffering from depression may bother others
6. うつ病人は苦しい現実から逃げている 6. Escaping from reality : Depression is an escape from reality
7. 自分はうつ病にかかった時に自覚できる 7. Overconfidence in self-awareness : I can be fully aware of my depressive state
8. うつ病は気持ちようで克服できる 8. Self-manageable disease : I can get over depression by myself
うつ病になったらどうしますか Attitudes toward treatments
1. ためらわずに誰かに助けを求めますか? 1. Help-seeking :Do you ask for someone’s help without hesitation?
2. 家族に相談しますか? 2. Consulting with family :Do you consult with your family?
3. かかりつけ医を受診しますか? 3. Visiting general practitioners : Do you go to see a general practitioner?
4. 精神科を受診しますか? 4. Visiting Psychiatrists :Do you go to see a psychiatrist?
5. できればカウンセリングだけで治したいですか? 5. Over-expectation from counseling Will you get over depression only by counseling?
6. 抗うつ薬はなるべく服用したくないですか? 6. Reluctance to medication : Are you reluctant to take antidepressants?
7. 薬がやめられないではと心配になりますか? 7. Concern for drug dependence : Are you afraid of drug dependence?
8. すぐによくならないと薬を止めてしまいますか? 8. Adherence to acute medication : Can you wait for slow-onset of drug effects?
9. よくなったら、すぐに抗うつ薬を止めますか? 9. Necessity of maintenance therapy : Will you stop medication soon after getting well?
10.落ち込んでいる人にはまず励ましますか? 10. Approaches to depressed others : Do you believe that encouragement will help a depressed person?