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Table 2 Variables and Instruments used for data collection

From: Impacts of a navigation program based on health information technology for patients receiving oral anticancer therapy: the CAPRI randomized controlled trial

Measurement tools
ARC administered (face to face interview)
Time point
At baseline Each month After 3 month After 6 months
Demographics and general medical history Age, gender, comorbidities *    
Socioeconomic status Education, income, employment, family characteristics *    
Diagnosis Cancer type, stage *    
Autonomy OMS score [55] * * * *
Treatment Delivery RDI ratio [30]
Morisky questionnaire [56]
MEMs (only for targeted therapy) [57]
  * *  
Toxic effects NCI-CTC-AE (CTCAE v4.0)   * *  
Overall Survival OS   *   
Progression Free Survival PFS   *   
Tumor response RECIST [58]   *   
Quality of life EORT QLQ-C30 [59] *   *  
Patient experience Satisfaction PACIC [60]     *