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Table 1 Description of the main functionalities of the CAPRI web portal

From: Impacts of a navigation program based on health information technology for patients receiving oral anticancer therapy: the CAPRI randomized controlled trial

Functionalities Description
Messages Secured message facility for contacting NNs
Follow-up Tracking of follow-up measures (temperature, weight, pain, appetite) and if necessary, self-reporting of other symptoms
Schedule Displays and saves appointments on a personal schedule
Address book Provides access to an address book containing the addresses and phone numbers of professionals enrolled, as well as other useful numbers
Information Provides access to reference websites providing information about the disease, treatment options and their side effects
Storage Downloads, saves and files documents relating to patient care (clinical and biological exams, patient records, etc.)
Reminders Schedules reminders to take medications, arrange appointments, plan exams, and document personal measurements