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Table 1 Keywords for Electronic Database Search

From: Implementation and maintenance of patient navigation programs linking primary care with community-based health and social services: a scoping literature review

Preceding descriptor of navigator Client OR patient OR community OR system OR care
Navigator Navigat* OR Coordin*OR Facilitat* OR Network*; Care coordinator; Case manager Nurse Navigator; Patient navigator; System navigator; Personal health navigator; Promotoras; Community matron; Lay Navigator; Guided Care
Primary care Family health team OR Group health OR Family practice OR Aboriginal Health Centre OR Community health centre OR Family health organization OR Primary care networks OR Family Health Organization OR Solo Practice Physician OR Group Practice OR CLSCs/Centre local de services communautaires OR local community service centre OR nurse practitioner led clinics OR Outpost nursing station OR (see below)
Primary health care
General practice
General practitioners
Primary care nursing
Patient centered care
Community health services**
Primary care
Primary medical care
Primary health care
Primary healthcare
Primary health service
General practice**
General practise**
General practitioner
Guided care
Family practice**
Family practise**
Family practitioner
Family health (for family health team) Family medicine
Family physician
Family doctor
PCP** (primary care physician)
Medical home
Associated Groups/Outcomes Priority populations, social determinants of health, equity, asset-based, target populations, access
  1. Keywords in the electronic database search marked "*" denotes keywords used in the Google and Google Scholar search
  2. Keywords in the electronic database search marked "**" denotes a placeholder or wildcard for truncated keyword, for example, navigat* would retrieve navigation and navigator