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Table 1 Health professionals and key stakeholder interview participants

From: What do patients with diabetes and providers think of an innovative Australian model of remote diabetic retinopathy screening? A qualitative study

Position Role in the programme
Health professionals
 Eye screening coordinator Coordinates the screening programme from the rural hub and visits remote communities to capture fundal images
 Registered nurse screener Visits remote communities to capture fundal images
 Diabetes educator Travels with the DR screening team providing diabetes education
 Indigenous outreach worker Contacts local people with diabetes in remote communities and is involved in screening visits
 General practitioner grader Receives fundal images, identifying and grading DR and suggesting appropriate management
 ‘Buddy’ ophthalmologist Provides support to the programme and follows-up screen-positive patients during visits to the region
Key stakeholders
 Visiting ophthalmologist Provides visiting ophthalmology services to the region
 Optometrist Provides visiting optometry services to three remote communities visited by the RODRS programme
 Director of the health district Leader of health service coordination in the region