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Table 1 Characteristics of study sites, 2013

From: Case management of patients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus: a cross-sectional survey in Chongqing, China

Items DJ county YB district
Administrative divisions 25 townships
1 community
11 townships
18 communities
Selected sites One township (GF): around 25 km from the county hospital One township (LX): around 16 km from the district hospital
  One community (GX): nearest to the county hospital One community (SFQ): nearest to the district hospital
Population Around 970,900 Around1,136,900
   Urban 226,100 712,900
   Rural 744,800 424,000
Local gross domestic product per capita (US$)a 4612.90 11145.16
  1. aGross domestic product per capita in Chongqing was 6903.23 US dollars in 2013