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Table 1 Types of complaints made by service users in health facilities: findings from the questionnaire survey

From: Why service users do not complain or have ‘voice’: a mixed-methods study from Nepal’s rural primary health care system

Categories Example
Environment/equipment • No water supply, poor hygiene and no toilets in health facilities.
• No waiting room, no furniture and poor infrastructure.
Accessibility/ availability • Health facility opens late and closes early, health facilities closes at 2 pm.
• Medicine not available, medicine not given, all medicine should be free, need to pay for medicine.
• Service providers are not regular, service providers do not come to office on time, no doctor.
• There should be a 24-hour service, service should be available during the weekend.
• No timely service, delay in providing services.
• Need of diagnostic services such as laboratory and X-ray.
• Immunization service and PHC out-reach clinic not managed well or not near to their residence.
• No ambulance, no delivery service.
• Maternity incentive not given, or delayed, to mother.
Empathy (respect/dignity/staff attitudes) • Service providers behave rudely.
• Treatment information, not adequately provided.
• Service providers not responsive.
• No confidentiality.
Care/treatment /safety • Medicine did not work, with poor quality.
• Medicine near to expiry or expired.
• Misuse of medicine by service providers.