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Table 1 Enhanced peri-operative data collection

From: Outcome following valve surgery in Australia: development of an enhanced database module

Pre-operative history ICD 10 code [29]
Cerebrovascular diseases I60-I69
Haemorrhagic I60-I62
Ischaemic I63
Transitory ischaemic attack (TIA) I65-I66
Bleeding Eye: H21.00, H35.6
Digestive system: K22.11, K22.8, K25.4, K29.00, K29.01, K29.31, K29.41, K29.51, K29.61, K29.71, K29.81, K29.91, K62.5, K92.0, K92.1, K92.2
Circulatory system: I85.00, I85.01, I85.11, N93.0, N92.3, N93.9, N95.0, R04.0, R04.1
Genitourinary system: R04.89, R19.5, R58
Haemorrhagic disorder due to circulating anticoagulants: D68.3
I50.9, I50.0, I50.1, I51.5, I11.0, I11.9, I13.0, I13.2
Heart failure O74.2, O75.4, I97.1, I97.8, I25.5, O29.1, O89.1, I09.81, I27.89
Endocarditis B33.21, I01.1, I09.1, I33, I38, I39, I42.9
Cardiac surgery (including type) CABG: 0210 – 0213;
Valve repair: aortic 02QF, mitral 02QG, pulmonary 02QH, tricuspid 02QJ
Valve replacement: aortic 02RF, mitral 02RG, pulmonary 02RH, tricuspid 02RJ
Percutaneous/trans-catheter valve replacement: 623, 628, 637, 634
Percutaneous valvuloplasty: 38270-01, 38270-02
Arrhythmia I44.0-9, I45.0-9, I480-9, I49.0-9, I97.8, I47.0, J84.1, M62.8
Pacemaker and/or defibrillator (insertion but not replacement, removal or adjustment): 38256-00/01 38368-00, 38390-00/01/02, 38350-00, 90202-00/01/02, 38473-00/01, 38470-00/01, 38654-00/03, 38353-00, 38393-00
Pre-operative and discharge
Medication Time period
Beta blocker Pre-operative, on discharge
ACE Inhibitors Pre-operative, on discharge
Angiotensin Receptor Blocker Pre-operative, on discharge
Diuretic Pre-operative, on discharge
Digoxin Pre-operative, on discharge
Warfarin Pre-operative, on discharge
NOAC (new oral anticoagulants) Pre-operative, on discharge
Aspirin Pre-operative, on discharge
Clopidogrel/Prasugrel/Ticagrelor Pre-operative, on discharge
Pre-operative echocardiography Measurement
Left Ventricular End-Systolic Diameter mm
Left Ventricular End-Diastolic Diameter mm
Left Atrial Diameter mm
Left Atrial Area cm2
Pulmonary Artery Pressure (maximal tricuspid regurgitant pressure + estimated right atrial pressure) mmHg
Valve data
Mean Gradient Aortic and mitral valve (mmHg)
Peak Gradient Aortic valve (mmHg)
Area Aortic and mitral valve (cm2)
Pressure half time Aortic and mitral valve (ms)
Area Planimetery Mitral valve (cm2)
Jet Area Mitral valve (cm2)
Valve morphology Aortic and mitral valve
Valve abnormality Tricuspid and pulmonary valve