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Table 1 Interview guide

From: Barriers and facilitators of help-seeking among unemployed persons with mental health problems: a qualitative study

  Topic Question
i Dealing with unemployment and mental stress How do you deal with your joblessness?
How do family/friends react?
How do you deal with your psychological stress?
Where are you looking for support?
ii Stigma-related facilitators of and barriers to service use How is your mental health?
Can you report negative experiences or unfair treatment by others because you have mental health problems?
Have you experienced stigma or discrimination because you used or wanted to use mental health services? If yes, would you tell us about a situation, please?
iii Knowledge-related facilitators and barriers What do you call a ‘mental illness’?
What do you know about mental health, stress and mental illnesses?
What do you know about how to prevent a mental illness?
What would you do to help someone you know if she or he had a mental illness?
If you had a mental illness, where would you seek help?
Where and how do you find information about mental illnesses?
iv Any other potential barriers and facilitators If you decided to seek professional help for mental distress, would there be any barriers to actually getting help?
v Recommendations for optimising mental health care services Are there kinds of help you would recommend in the case of a mental illness?