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Table 1 Cooperative health insurance schedulea [67]

From: The personal and workplace characteristics of uninsured expatriate males in Saudi Arabia

Policy coverage Maximum benefit limit/person Covered treatments/procedures
Maximum Benefit Limit/Person SR 250,000  
Outpatient Treatment Expenses
- Co-insurance/Deduction
0-20% per visit,
Max. of
SR 100 per visit
Consultations, lab tests, x-rays, medicines, medicines and other medical necessities, follow-up visits and referrals for the same illness
Physician's Fees:
General Practitioner SR 50  
Specialist SR 100  
Consultant SR 150  
Rare medical specialties SR 250 Cardiology, brain and neurological surgery, vascular surgery, and other sub-specialties per standards of Saudi Commission for Health Specialties
Hospitalisation Expenses/Fees:
Co-insurance/Deduction None  
Accommodation for the patient SR 600/day  
Accommodation for the hospital sitter SR 150/day  
Pregnancy/Delivery Cost for married beneficiaries SR 150,000 Shared Room (includes charges for bed, nursing, medical visits, supervision, and catering services)
Premature Babies As per terms and conditions of the policy Shared Room
Cost of Dental Treatment SR 2,000  
Cost of Spectacles SR 200  
Cost of Renal Dialysis SR 10,000  
Cost of Acute Psychological Disorders SR 15,000  
Corpse Repatriation to Home Country SR 10,000  
  1. aThe table was amended on 4/2/2014 [68]