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Table 3 Comparison of healthcare-seeking behavior (/1000 inhabitants/month)

From: The ecology of medical care on an isolated island in Okinawa, Japan: a retrospective open cohort study

  Fukui et al. 2005 [11] Japan overall (95% CI) Iheya island, Japan (95% CI)
Visits to a primary care clinica 232.3 (218.4–246.8) 360.4 (351.0–369.7)
Visits to an outpatient office (excluding primary care facilities) 88.3b (79.1–98.2) 18.4c (16.3–20.5)
14.2b (12.3–16.1)
4.2d (3.2–5.2)
Visits to an emergency department 9.8 (6.8–13.6) 4.1 (3.1–5.1)
Hospitalization 7.2 (4.7–10.6) 3.6 (2.6–4.6)
  1. CI confidence interval
  2. aSince the category, “Visits to a primary care office”, used in the Fukui’s study was equivalent to “Visit to a primary care clinic” in the present study, we unified the expression to “Visit to a primary care clinic”
  3. bData for people visiting hospital-based outpatient clinics
  4. cData for people visited to hospital-based outpatient clinics and secondary care clinics (e.g., ophthalmological clinics)
  5. dData for people visited to secondary care clinics