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Table 5 Top 10 of Quality Improvement Scores (QIS) >1.0

From: Quality of care in the intensive care unit from the perspective of patient’s relatives: development and psychometric evaluation of the consumer quality index ‘R-ICU’

Quality aspect ISa IQa QISa
Information how they can contribute to the care for the patient 3.18 2.06 2.21
Information via digital means (email, website, electronic record) 2.23 1.11 2.15
Information about the use of meal-facilities in the hospital 2.54 1.73 1.96
Involved in decisions on the medical treatment of patient 3.47 2.43 1.90
Information about parking facilities and any fees for this 2.79 2.01 1.88
The opportunity to contribute to patient care 3.05 2.34 1.80
The opportunity to be present during doctor’s visit to the patient 3.32 2.40 1.85
Written information during admission of the patient 2.62 2.01 1.81
The opportunity, after discharge of the patient, to talk with a professional about relatives experiences in the ICU 2.38 2.22 1.80
Have a fixed contact person to obtain information 3.40 2.46 1.74
  1. aIS = importance scores; EQ = Experience questions; QIS = Quality Improvement Scores