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Table 3 Five of the highest and lowest mean scores in the experience questions

From: Quality of care in the intensive care unit from the perspective of patient’s relatives: development and psychometric evaluation of the consumer quality index ‘R-ICU’

Five highest experience scores Mean (SD) Five lowest experience scores Mean (SD)
Not affected by visit of relatives of other patients 3.85 (.40) Hospital offers contact with peer group 1.07 (.45)
Not affected by noisiness of ICU-staff 3.78 (.52) Information via digital means (email, website, electronic record) 1.11 (.49)
Not affected by changes in medical team 3.64 (.64) Relatives can have contact with peers 1.24 (.81)
Professionals do not give conflicting information 3.59 (.71) Information about the use of meal services in hospital 1.73 (1.12)
Information from nurses is understandable 3.56 (.66) Information on writing in a diary 2.00 (1.30)