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Table 2 Internal consistency of ChYMH subscales

From: The Child and Youth Mental Health Assessment (ChYMH): An examination of the psychometric properties of an integrated assessment developed for clinically referred children and youth

Scale Inter-item consistency
Aggressive/Disruptive Behavior Scale 0.83
Anhedonia Rating Scale 0.73
Anxiety Scale 0.71
Caregiver Distress Scale 0.73
Communication Scale 0.76
Cognitive Functioning Scale 0.70
Depressive Symptoms Scale 0.80
Distractibility/Hyperactivity Scale 0.78
Peer Conflict Scale 0.88
Sleep Difficulties Scale 0.67
  1. Note: N = 1297, Cronbach’s alphas are presented. Given that there were only two items on the Communication Scale, the Spearman Brown Coefficient (split-half) is provided