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Table 1 Post Stroke Care At Public Primary Care Healthcentres (Reproduced with permission from Aznida FAA, 2015)

From: The integrated care pathway for post stroke patients (iCaPPS): a shared care approach between stakeholders in areas with limited access to specialist stroke care services

Assessment/Treatment Monitoring/screening procedure Conventional Care
Stroke Risk factor(s) monitoring or NCD monitoring Vital signs (blood pressure, pulse rate) +
Fasting blood sugar +
HbA1c +
Fasting blood lipids +
Renal function +
eGFR ±
Screening for stroke-related complications Functional status -
Depression -
Cognitive assessment -
Rehabilitation intervention/assessment of progress Physiotherapy ±
Occupational therapy ±
Speech/language therapy -
  1. eGFR estimated (calculated) Glomerular Filtration Rate
  2. + done on a regular basis, ± occasionally done in some health centres
  3. - not done on a regular basis