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Table 3 Possible performance-based financing research priorities

From: Performance-based financing for improving HIV/AIDS service delivery: a systematic review

Category Research priority
Service delivery 1) Evaluate effect size over longer periods of time
2) Evaluate effects on non-incentivised services and the broader health system
3) Evaluate effects of stopping PBF
4) Identify specific services for which PBF is effective
5) Validate results in different geographic settings
Human resources 6) Quantify and compare human resources required for implementing and monitoring PBF and IBF
7) Evaluate effects on health workforce behaviour, including absenteeism, task sharing, and productivity
Governance 8) Evaluate effectiveness of PBF as vertical approach within the HIV/AIDS programme versus as part of overall health system
9) Identify potential health system mechanisms through which PBF may be effective
Health financing 10) Quantify and compare overall cost, including schemes and oversight, of PBF and IBF
Information systems 11) Evaluate effects on the quality, accuracy, completeness, timeliness, and use of data at health facilities
12) Evaluate the role of communities and PLHIV organisations in validating performance
Clients 13) Evaluate and compare acceptability of PBF and IBF services