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Table 1 The principal diagnoses according to the ICD-10 in 300 inpatients with the Dynamic Appraisal of Situational Aggression (DASA) scorings

From: Interventions following a high violence risk assessment score: a naturalistic study on a Finnish psychiatric admission ward

  Number Percent
F0-09 Organic, including symptomatic, mental disorders 10 3.3
F10-19 Mental and behavioral disorders due to psychoactive substance use 28 9.3
F20-29 Schizophrenia, schizotypal and delusional disorders 106 35.3
F30-39 Mood disorders 123 41
F40-49 Neurotic, stress related and somatoform disorders 14 4.7
F50-59 Behavioral syndromes associated with physiological disturbances and physical factors 2 0.7
F60-69 Disorders of adult personality and behavior 7 2.3
F70-79 Mental retardation 2 0.7
F80-89 Disorders of psychological development 2 0.7
F90-98 Behavioral and emotional disorders 1 0.3
F99 Unspecified mental disorder 5 1.7
  300 100