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Table 2 Predictors of changes in mental distress in patients with SUDs at follow-up (N = 97)a

From: Mental distress following inpatient substance use treatment, modified by substance use; comparing voluntary and compulsory admissions

Predictor Beta (95% CI)b P-value
Socio-demographic variables
 Gender (female) 0.10 (-0.22/0.340) 0.561
 Age, years -0.01 (-0.04/0.01) 0.248
 Compulsory admission -0.28 (-0.60/0.05) 0.100
 Duration of most problematic substance use, years 0.02 (-0.01/0.05) 0.110
Follow-up variables
 Abstinence in the last 30 days of follow-up 0.49 (0.18/0.80) 0.002
  1. a Mental distress was measured with the Global Score Index (GSI) of the Symptoms Checklist (SCL-90-R). Changes in mental distress were computed by subtracting the GSI determined at follow-up from the GSI determined at admission; a ‘positive score change’ refers to an improvement in mental distress
  2. b Unstandardized beta coefficient with 95% Confidence Interval (CI) and R2 = 0.1, derived from a multiple linear regression with simultaneous entry of variables (the "enter" method)