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Table 2 Examples of the seven different themes

From: Motives for self-referral to the emergency department: a systematic review of the literature

Theme Examples cited in articles
Health concerns - Perceived severity of problem
- Seeking assurance
- Patient perceived the complaint was urgent
Expecting investigations - Further research (eg X-rays) was necessary
- Perceived facilities and investigations better at A&E
- See doctor and have tests/x-rays done in same place
Advice of others - On the advice of others
- Sent by someone (usually employer)
- They were referred by the staff (not the doctor) in PCP’s offices to be evaluated in the ED
Convenience of ED - Patient could get help earlier at the ED
- The ED was nearby
- Convenience of access
Accessibility of GP - Patient could not reach the GP/GP-cooperative
- Unavailability of GP
- Too long wait for family doctor
Financial considerations - Payment flexibility
- Affordability
- Low cost
No confidence in GP - Patient had no faith/trust in the GP
- Previous negative experience with the GP/GP-cooperative
- Dissatisfied with GP