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Table 2 Components of the control arm care as usual, OT with coaching and OT with coaching and sensor monitoring

From: Effectiveness of sensor monitoring in an occupational therapy rehabilitation program for older individuals after hip fracture, the SO-HIP trial: study protocol of a three-arm stepped wedge cluster randomized trial

  Time frame Intervention component Professional involved Control arm OTc OTcsm
Nursing home <48 h after admission Geriatric assessment
Preliminary care and treatment plan
Elderly care physician/Nurse X X X
Week 1 Multidisciplinary assessments Nurse, PT, OT X X X
Week 2 Multidisciplinary care and treatment plan Multidisciplinary team X X X
During NH Multidisciplinary rehabilitation Multidisciplinary team X X X
During NH Wearing of the activity sensor OT    X
During NH Once a week coaching by the sensor data OT    X
During NH Once a week coaching OT   X  
Home <1 day after NH discharge Installing sensor system and wearing activity monitor Sensor installer    X
  Week 1 H1 Coaching OT   X X
  Week 2 H2 Coaching OT   X X
  Week 3 H3 Coaching OT   X X
  Week 4 H4 Coaching OT   X X
  Week 5, 6,
Week 8, 10
Telephone consult
Telephone consult
  Week 12 Removal of the sensor system Sensor installer    X
  1. OTc Occupational therapy with coaching, OTcsm Occupational therapy with coaching and sensor monitoring, NH Nursing home, PT Physical therapist, OT Occupational therapist, H1 Home visit 1, H2 Home visit 2, H3 Home visit 3, H4 Home visit 4