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Table 3 Recommended changes to the PRASE Intervention

From: The patient reporting and action for a safe environment (PRASE) intervention: a feasibility study

an increase in time between cycles of measurement, feedback and action planning, from three months to six months;
facilitated action planning meetings to encourage teams to integrate the different types of patient feedback, and support longer-term systems-based change over inappropriate ‘quick fixes’;
an augmented action planning pro-forma to encourage staff to consider how they will measure success in addition to what action they will undertake;
better engagement with, and support from senior management to support action planning and implementation process;
initial training session to introduce the intervention to staff, and describe more fully the process of using patient feedback for service improvement;
update sessions to provide an opportunity for shared learning between groups and with senior managers. Issues that transcend ward boundaries can be discussed and a wider improvement approach taken;
to avoid duplication of effort by explicitly recognising (within the APG facilitation guidance) the need for PRASE to fit within other service improvement activity.