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Table 3 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Methods used to address fidelity of receipt in health intervention research: a citation analysis and systematic review

Inclusion criteria
• Published since Bellg et al. [9]
• Fidelity of receipt of a health Intervention is assessed (authors had to address receipt using the BCC framework definition of receipt, or had to explicitly refer to other methods used to assess ‘receipt’ or terms considered synonymous such as ‘dose/intervention received’, ‘responsiveness’, or ‘receptivity’).
Exclusion criteria
• Not in English
• Conference or dissertation abstract
• Published before 2004
• Not a health intervention
• Not about fidelity: The paper does not report intervention fidelity; the study may include potential measures of receipt, but it is not clearly related to fidelity
• No data on fidelity: The paper is about intervention fidelity, but it does not aim to present data about fidelity assessment (e.g. protocols, systematic reviews)
• Another type of fidelity: fidelity of receipt not explicitly assessed, or methods for assessing it are not described, and another type of fidelity is assessed (e.g. design, training, delivery, enactment etc.).
  1. Notes: Exclusion criteria were applied sequentially in the order displayed