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Table 2 Search terms

From: Methods used to address fidelity of receipt in health intervention research: a citation analysis and systematic review

Applied to Titles/Abstracts Applied to all fields
Fidelity Intervention Receipt Health
fidelity Intervention Recei* Health
Integrity Treatment Enact* Illness
Intervention quality Program* Cognitive skill Disease
Intervention delivery Therapy Behavio* skill  
Intervention implement*   Pa* knowledge  
Treatment differentiation   Pa* acquisition  
Reproducib*   Pa* understand  
Replic*   Pa* comprehen*  
Process evaluation   Repeat  
   Behavio* Practi*e  
  1. Note: This search was run in March 2014. Terms within columns were combined using the OR function; groups of synonyms (i.e. columns) were combined using the AND function
  2. *Truncated