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Table 3 Scenarios of hypothetical seniors, and associated probability of receiving an MCA service on an eligible claim-date

From: Factors affecting the delivery of community pharmacist-led medication reviews: evidence from the MedsCheck annual service in Ontario

  Scenario A Scenario B Scenario C Scenario D
Age (years) 66 80 70 80
New prescription medication at claim-date Yes No Yes No
Number of chronic medications 3 9 5 9
Number of physicians in the last year 1 3 2 3
Number of comorbidities 2 5 3 8
 Hypertension Yes Yes Yes No
 Heart failure No Yes No Yes
Recent hospitalization (≤60 days) No Yes No Yes
Use of a high risk medication No No No Yes
Use of a potentially inappropriate medication No Yes No Yes
Adherent use of ACEi/ARB/statins Yes Yes Yes Yes
Prior MCA Yes Yes No No
Sex Male Female Male Female
Residence setting Urban Urban Rural Urban
Income level (quintiles) Highest Highest Lowest Highest
Pharmacy volume (quintiles) Highest Highest Lowest Highest
Probability of receiving an MCA service (%) 11.5 4.9 4.7 1.0
  1. ACEi indicates Angiotensin-converting-enzyme inhibitor, ARB Angiotensin II receptor blocker