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Table 3 Ideal typical categorization of interprofessional relations

From: An ideal-typical model for comparing interprofessional relations and skill mix in health care

  Single track hierarchical systems Transitional hierarchical systems Diversified hierarchical systems
Education of nurses Intermediate. Higher or academic. Academic.
Professional jurisdiction Hierarchical, medically centered professional jurisdiction. Emerging multiple professional jurisdictions. Consolidated multiple professional jurisdictions.
Professional hierarchy Distinct hierarchical professional order. Indistinct hierarchical order between health professions. Consolidated co-existing professional hierarchies.
Adjustment of professional boundaries (skill mix) Reluctantly. Health care work-force outside medicine in sub-ordinated and assisting positions to physicians. Emerging and expanding fields of independent professional competency for health professions other than physicians. Consolidated fields of independent professional competency for different professional groups in health and social care.
Interdisciplinary teamwork Main focus on cooperation between different medical specialties. Subjective tasks of the medical profession are delegated to other professional groups in the healthcare workforce. Interdisciplinary teamwork is managed under the supervision of physiccians. Unclear professional respon-sibility for subjective tasks. Ad hoc tasks for the professional groups involved. Horizontal professional hierarchy in team leadership, task definition and performance. Consolidated status in service delivery. Specific objective tasks for the professional groups involved. Team leadership, definition and performance of subjective tasks are a team decision and independent from a vertical professional hierarchy.
Cooperation health and social services Indistinct. No legal framework enforcing coordination and cooperation. Pilot projects for specific tasks. Fragmented legal framework for coordination and cooperation. Formalized with an extensive legal framework for coordination and cooperation.