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Table 4 Health system performance rankings of Kamuli, Kibuku, and Pallisa districts 2005-2011

From: How can health systems research reach the worst-off? A conceptual exploration

  2004/05 MOH 2006/07 MOH 2008/09 MOH 2009/10 MOH 2010 MOH 2010/2011 MOH 2011 MOH
Kamuli 46th or below (in bottom 10 districts) 55th or below (in bottom 15 districts) 62nd 74th 76th 29th 29th
Kibuku NA NA NA NA NA 70th 70th
Pallisa Between 11th and 45th Between 16th and 54th 21st 58th 58th 26th 26th
Total Number of Districts 56th 80th 80th 80th 80th 111th 111th
  1. Note: MOH indicates that the data comes from the Ugandan Ministry of Health. Kibuku district was established in 2010/2011. Sources: [32, 5055]