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Table 3 Key changes made to the programme and reasons for the changes

From: Unlocking community capabilities for improving maternal and newborn health: participatory action research to improve birth preparedness, health facility access, and newborn care in rural Uganda

Component Original design Change made Reason for the change
VHT component Supervision only by health workers Supervision by super VHTs as well Promote sustainability of the component since health workers are few and busy
Dialogue meetings Dialogue tools long and lengthy Dialogue tools revised to make them shorter more focused Feedback from VHT’s that tools were complicated
  Meetings conducted at village level, with a large group of participants making dialogue impossible Meetings conducted in saving groups To promote sustainability of the meetings after the project by using an existing group that convenes regularly and to promote dialogue
Savings and transport Minimal involvement of CDOs Increased involvement of CDOs to provide regular support to the saving groups through training and supervision Feedback during review meetings showed that households were not saving and linkages with transporters were not being formed
  No facilitation planned for CDOs since the support is part of their regular work Facilitation for CDOs to allow them to visit the groups and to provide the necessary support Feedback from CDOs that they were not doing the expected work because they lacked facilitation
  No linkage with other income generating groups CDOs were encouraged to work with other existing income generating groups in the district to leverage existing resources Feedback about the groups accumulating a lot of savings which was now redundant and likely to be stolen
Fears about money being stolen
Low incomes given as a reason for not saving