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Table 1 MANIFEST stakeholders from community to district levels

From: Unlocking community capabilities for improving maternal and newborn health: participatory action research to improve birth preparedness, health facility access, and newborn care in rural Uganda

Actors involved Description
 Local council I chairperson • Elected village leader
• Lowest level in the administrative system
 Village Health Team (VHT) • A team of community health volunteers
 Local transporters • Drivers and vehicle owners who can provide transportation from villages to health facilities
 Savings groups • Support small scale savings and provide credit
 Households • Pregnant women and their spouses
 Local council II chairperson • Elected village leader
• Second level in the administrative system
 Super VHT • Supervises and supports the VHTs in a parish villages (approximately 5–10 villages per parish)
Sub county (Implementation committee)
 Local council III chairperson • Third level in the administrative system
• Political head of the sub county
• Supervisory role at sub county level
 Health assistant • Responsible for prevention and control of diseases in the community
• Overall supervisor of VHTs
 Sub-county chief (Senior assistant secretary) • Manages and coordinates the implementation of government policies, programmes, projects and laws at the sub county level
• Sub county level coordinator
 Community development officer (CDO) • Responsible for facilitating and empowering communities for community development
• Supports the saving groups within a sub county
 Facility in charge of health center III • Nurse or Clinical Officer
• Responsible for providing leadership at the health facility to ensure health services are provided according to government regulations
 Religious leader • To provide leadership to religious group and encourage good morals
• Mobilise communities to participate in health activities
District Implementation committee
 District political leadership • Local council V chairperson Fourth and highest level in the administrative system
• Resident District Commissioner. Representative of the president in the district
• Supervisory and oversight role
 District health team • Comprised of nursing officers, health education specialist, facility managers, district health officers
• Responsible for overseeing health services at district level
 District administrative team • Chief Administrative Officer, Chief Financial officer, District Community development officer and District Commercial Officer
• Supervisory and oversight role