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Table 1 Recommended schedule for Type 2 diabetes patients by mode of care [6, 7]

From: Improvement in delivery of type 2 diabetes services differs by mode of care: a retrospective longitudinal analysis in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care setting

  Mode of care/service item Frequency
Services for all type 2 diabetes clients Laboratory Tests
ACR Yearly
eGFR Yearly
Lipids Yearly
HbA1c 3 monthly
Generalist Physical Checks
Weight 6 monthly
Waist circumference 6 monthly
BMI Yearly
Blood Pressure 3–6 monthly
Visual acuity Yearly
Specialist Physical Checks
Dilated eye check Yearly
Foot check Yearly
Nutrition Yearly
Physical activity Yearly
High risk substance use Counselling
Smoking Yearly
High risk alcohol consumption Yearly