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Table 2 Content of video ‘Advance CPR-decision-making in the hospital setting’

From: Development of a video-based education and process change intervention to improve advance cardiopulmonary resuscitation decision-making

Section Subsection Timea Content
A. The clinical issues (11:24) 1. The current situation 2:47 Frustration, CPR overuse, lack of decisions, variable approaches, poor communicationb
2. Why has this situation arisen? 5:09 CPR development, expectations, poor training, clinical uncertainty, ‘doing everything’c
3. How can we improve clinical care? 3:29 Framework, normalize discussion, honesty, shared responsibility, scripted questions, involve team, systematize not protocolise
B. The decision -making framework (13:06) 1. Is CPR decision- making different? 3:09 Patient expectation, life and death, trust, part of overall care + ongoing
2. The medical assessment 3:28 Answer ‘will this patient survive CPR’, how to make the decision
3. Four clinical categories and discussion aim 4:38 Clinical framework presented in interview style, animation of framework, deliberate and interpretive communication [11]
4. Documentation 1:59 Capture escalation plan, value + preferences of patient, follow local policy
C. Communication tips and examples (13:34) 1. Improving communication 5:13 Communication overview, clinician tips for CPR decision-making, learning communication, introduces tools ‘ask-tell-ask’ + ‘NURSE’
2. Patient/Doctor scenarios 2:52 Poor conversation (tools annotated), Dot dies ‘bad death’, healthy view of death
2.1 Dot and Dr Nick 5:29 Good conversation (tools annotated), Dot dies ‘good death’, consumer voice
2.2 Dot and Dr Eng
Overview video   5:35 Promotional style overview of Section A,B and C with dramatisation of dying scenes
  1. aMinutes: seconds
  2. b"Dot" clinical scenario introduced (would not survive CPR)
  3. cIncludes "Dot" and "Dr Nick" (without tools annotated), Dot arresting and rapid response teams commencing CPR, introduced animation of framework